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kenneth collard

Piccadilly Cowboy (USA)100 mins

Piccadilly Cowboy: a.k.a "Mind the Gap." A romance about Carson Wells, a Montana cowboy living in England; filmed entirely in the United Kingdom; starring Jaelan Petrie ("Handcart", "Missy"); directed by Tyler Ford (M.A. London Film School); produced by Daniel Shanthakumar; musical score by Alan Hawkshaw.


Others in the cast are Sophie Shaw, Tom Butcher, Kate Foster-Barnes, Gwyneth Powell, James Greene, Daniel Rabin, Ian Bustard and Kenneth Collard


World Premier was at LDS Film Festival at the Scera Center in Orem, Utah, January 21, 2006. As of 6/14/2006, Ford reports "Piccadilly Cowboy" will be heading to the St. Petersburg Film Festival in Russia June 23-29. The festival's official website is at As of August 12, 2006, Ford reports "PC" will be riding out to Reno, Nevada, for the Tahoe International Film Festival Friday, August 25, 2006, at Squaw Creek Resort. Release in London March 16, 2007; Utah release Provo/SLC March 23, 2007

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