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After screening to packed audiences at the 3rd Zurich Film Festival in October 2007 (where the film won the ‘Audience Award’), ’12 In A Box’ is returning to Switzerland for the Orange Open Air screening on the 23rd July (at the Zurichhorn, Zurich).


’12 In A Box’ is being released at the Arthouse Zurich on 31st July and in cinemas in the United States in November.


The film was a particular favourite of the Zurich Festival Jury President, Albert S. Ruddy (Oscar winning Producer of ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’) who made the following comment about the film:-


“One of the best British comedies I've ever seen, with a brilliant ending. I would highly recommend it…”


A brilliant new British comedy...


They were only 96 hours away from collecting a fortune. It was as simple as that. Then someone dropped dead - and things started to get a bit more complicated… At a school reunion dinner in a remote country mansion, a dozen people are offered the chance to collect a million pounds each. The only catch is that they must all remain on the estate - cut off from the outside world - for 96 hours.

Format: HiDef

Year of Production: 2006

Running Time: 99 mins

Director: John McKenzie

Producer: Bruce Windwood

Executive/Co-Producers: Findlay Black, Karl White, Nick Allen, Andrew Woolger, Andrew Love

Editor: Lewis Albrow

Screenwriter: John McKenzie

Director of Photography: Nicholas J S Wise

Production Designer: Sarah Massey

Sound: Wayne Reay

Music: Mark Revell, Bahareque

Principal Cast: Brian Mitchell, Anjella Mackintosh, Kenneth Collard, Katy Wix, Paul Williamson, Clare Welch


Production Company:

Masses Entertainment Ltd

Tunstall House, 3 Park Place, Cheltenham

Gloucestershire GL50 2QS, England

Telephone +44 (0)12 4226 3391

Fax +44 (0)12 4229 2008

12 In A Box (UK) 99 mins

12inabox poster Zurich
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