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Strangers and Brothers


STRANGERS AND BROTHERS, by C.P.Snow - BBC Radio 4 beginning 19.01.03, broadcast as the Classic Serial.


This is the story of Lewis Eliot; his humble beginnings in Leicester, early legal work, getting a Fellowship at a Cambridge college, the election of a Master, and the many gifted, unusual and odd people he met on the peripheraries of academia and Whitehall.


For those familiar with the novels, the titles of the epsodes were: 1)Time of Hope, 2)The Conscience of the Rich, 3)The Masters, 4)The Masters (sic), 5)The Light and the Dark. Particularly well-done was the election of the new college Master; clever academics jockeying for position throwing poison darts at each other whilst the old Master lies dying.


The plays starred Adam Godley, David Haig, Clive Merrison, Andy Taylor, David Calder, Kenneth Collard and Jeremy Child, and the dramatisation was by Jonathan Holloway; Sally Avens & Jeremy Howe directed.

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