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kenneth collard

Swinging with the Finkels has all the traditional elements of a classic romantic comedy – an appealing and talented cast headed by Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore, a smart and funny script brought to life by a promising director making his feature debut, and a sophisticated metropolitan setting. How it came to be, though, is a story for today. Swinging with the Finkels started its life as a short film which Jonathan submitted to a competition for Filmaka, the global digital entertainment studio. Filmaka's co-founder Deepak Nayar recognized the short's potential to be a feature so he asked Jonathan to draft a script and, less than a year later, the movie Swinging with the Finkels entered production. It didn't hurt that Jonathan had already proven himself to be award-winning director of the short films Foster (HBO/BBC) and Father's Day (Ford/JWT/Filmaka Grand Prize Winner), not to mention one of Shoot Magazine's New Directors of 2009.


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