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kenneth collard

A Time For Justice

A Time for Justice is an ambitious play which explores the impact that an internationally famous Western anthropologist has had upon his family and upon the Bushmen of Botswana, amongst whom he has been living and working most of his life.


The play begins with the news of his murder, and it soon becomes clear that his two sons, far from regretting his death, have reason to welcome it. The play flits between the past and the present, and, throughout, the murdered anthropologist and his Bushman wife comment upon the action from beyond the grave.


Writer Enna Neru proved very elusive, having given no phone number on her application form. Eventually a letter tracked her down at her retreat in the bush outside Maun in Botswana.


Originally from South Africa, she is a mother of two grown-up children and runs a camp for tourists and organises wild life excursions for them. It turns out that her real name is Anne Uren!


Anne says that whilst obviously the play is fiction, she has met characters similar to those she depicts. She is deeply concerned about the plight of the Bushmen and wanted to highlight the damage that can be done by insensitive outsiders.






Produced and Directed by Catherine Fellows


Hans.................Andrew Sachs

Nkasi...........Noma Dumezweni

Bernard........Kenneth Collard

Ernst..............Connie M'Gadzah

Stephan........Don McCorkindale

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