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the online portfolio of actor

kenneth collard





Director / Writer Leslie Ali

Producer             Isibeal Ballance


Paul Caiozzo / Nathan Frank / Brandon Mugar

Film London Production Executive

Cario Cannon / Natasha Dak

Film London Script & Story Advisor

Shelley Castle

Executive Producer

Georges Bermann

Executive Producer

Ben Walker

Executive Producer

John Ballance


The Cast


Burlap Man     Morgan James

T-Shirt Dad     Ken Collard

Burlap Mum    Victoria Wicks

Burlap Boy      Archie Nutley

Rabbit Boy      Bryon Coates

T-Shirt Boy      Frankie Markham

T-Shirt Mum    Geraldine O’Reilly




Leslie Ali's latest short film, The Object, was selected for screening at the 2008 Sundance film festival. It was one of 83 shorts chosen from 5,107 submissions. A hunter is struck by a flying object as it falls to Earth, setting off a chain reaction that reveals humanity's stupidity and greed.

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